Residential Services begin with a base infrastructure installation. The base infrastructure establishes a backbone with the reliability and versatility needed for any additional services. This backbone consists of the following:

  • Line-rate gigabit ethernet ports
  • Full 802.11 AC wireless coverage
  • (Optional) 24/7 monitoring and remote management

Once the backbone network is established the customer can choose from a variety of additional SmartHome services. See below for a list of available SmartHome services:

  • Video surveillance
  • Lighting, power, and sensor-based home automation
  • Thermostat automation and control
  • Door lock automation and control


All SmartHome services are available for remote management from the JOYN.TECH cloud and mobile management from a smartphone app. Some use cases for SmartHome services are listed below:

Control lights and power outlets throughout your house from your smartphone. Change lighting color and mood on-the-fly. Adjust your thermostat from work. Live view of your home via IP video cameras from your smartphone. Securely unlock your doors remotely or setup access codes for friends and family.